WPC extrusion machine manufacturers

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WPC extrusion machine manufacturers

WPC extrusion machine manufacturers: Our advanced wood plastic extruders can produce products that are very similar to the real wood grain and color. Double layer extrusion is a terminal product, which is very suitable for outdoor use in the climate, and has good anti-skid function. Many products are widely used in the

WPC extrusion machine manufacturers

WPC extrusion machine manufacturers

Types of WPC Extrusion Machine Manufacturers

Whether you’re looking to purchase a wpc extrusion machine manufacturer for the first time or for a company you already work with, there are a few things you should know about each of the different types of machines available. Some of these include how to select the right machine for your needs, whether to choose a machine that has dual options for extrusion, and whether to choose a machine that can be modified to produce different types of products.

PVC Window and Door Profile Extrusion Machine
uPVC window and door profile extrusion machine manufacturers can promote energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They can also promote the aesthetics of PVC windows. PVC windows and doors profiles are durable and do not erode by acid drugs, salt and waste gas. They are also easy to produce compared to wooden frames.

The most popular window profile series is 60 series. These profiles are used for casement window frames and sliding window frames. They can also be used for decorative panels and packing plates. The profiles are produced by high temperature, high pressure and high mixing effect. They are a new kind of environmentally friendly building material.

They are produced from PVC powder with a high output capacity. PVC powder is widely used for decorative materials.

A uPVC window and door profile extrusion machine manufacturer can produce all kinds of profiles. They can also produce WPC profiles and PVC/WPC products. The profiles can be used for windows, door frames, pallets and packing plates. They have a high capacity, stable work performance and high automation degree. They can also produce decorative plates, foamed ornament plates, PVC wall panels, packaging box board, etc.

A uPVC window and door profile extrusion machine manufacturer can produce PVC and WPC products. The profiles can be used for PVC windows, doors, cladding of outdoor walls, plintus and electrical conduit.

PP/PE/PS/ABS/EVA/PET Plastic Sheet Extrusion Production Line
PP/PE/PS/ABS/EVA/PET Plastic Sheet Extrusion Production Line is one kind of production equipment that melts plastic raw materials and extrudes plastic sheets through a mould. Various types of plastic materials can be produced by the machine, such as medical grade, EVA, plastic, PVC, and PLA. Some of the products can be treated with additives to improve intensity and mechanical properties.

The PP/PE/PS/ABS/EVA/PET sheet can be used for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, medicine blister packaging, metalizing and hermetic seal welding. It can be produced in mono-layer or multi-layer. The thickness of the sheet can be controlled by bidirectional adjustment of the pressure wheel. The forming roller platform can be placed vertically or 45 degree inclined collocation. The shearer can be used to cut the board precisely.

The line is capable of producing sheet from 0.2mm to 30mm thickness. The machine can be equipped with a screen change system and a degassing system. The output of the line ranges from 110 kg/h to 1000 kg/h. It is mainly used for packaging.

The production line has been developed to use 100% reclaimed scrap material. The production capacity is reasonable and compact. The machine is easy to maintain. The electric consumption is low, and the machine has stable production ability.

PP Thick Plate Extrusion Line
PP Thick Plate Extrusion Line is one kind of PP sheet extrusion equipment. It is widely used in electric power industry, chemical equipment and building materials. It has high output and stable extrusion pressure. Moreover, it can control the thickness of plate evenly. The output ranges from 100-1200kg/h. The extrusion process can be finished by single extruder or two extruders. It can also complete mixing, plasticizing and molding at the same time.

This PP thick plate production line adopts advanced technology from abroad. It is suitable for producing decorative sheets, windows, doors, pallets, decorative panels and foamed ornament plates. It also has good capacity and high automation degree.

The main equipments are the screw, rotary die head, vacuum shaping table, three-roll calender, haul-off machine and edge cutting device. Each sub-system is equipped with a vacuum adjustment system. It can achieve a satisfactory cooling effect. The machine is also equipped with a special horizontal tilt control system and a special lift technology. It can adjust the speed of winding tension. It is also equipped with a torque motor. It can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The screw is bi-metallic treated. It is specially designed to provide stable pressure to material flow. The screw has high plasticizing capacity. It ensures the uniform plasticization of high polymer micro-foam.

PP Flooring Parallel Extrusion Line
PP Flooring Parallel Extrusion Line is a kind of equipment used for extruding PVC powder, or re-extrusion of waste sheet into powder. The main application of this machine is to produce floor and flooring resurface materials. Aside from its main function, this machine has some other notable features.

It is a high-performance line with high-efficiency, high output, low energy consumption and long life-cycle. It is mainly used for the production of outdoor decorative WPC profiles. It can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. Some relative auxiliary equipment can also be provided. Compared with other machinery, this line is also capable of producing the high-quality wood-plastic composite (WPC) products.

Wood screened between 40 to 60 mesh
During manufacturing of WPCs, wood moisture content is an important control parameter. Wood moisture content above 1% can cause the composite to foam in the extruder. The moisture content of wood fillers is also proportional to the moisture content of the residue feedstock.

The wood species of the wood fillers is also a parameter. For instance, maple flour has the highest bulk density, but spruce-fir flour has the lowest moisture content. Therefore, it is important to choose the right wood species for the final product. Moreover, the moisture content of the residue feedstock should be monitored closely.

Wood fibers with diameters less than 0.17 mm showed moderate roughness, and had good mechanical properties. The empty slots in wood fibers with diameters greater than 0.17 mm were comparatively smaller.

Multiple color options
Depending on the application, the WPC extrusion machine manufacturers offer different color options. Color changes can have a big impact on the productivity and quality of the product. However, colorants and antioxidants are expensive.

In addition, the material properties of the main extrusion process can influence the viscosity of the product. Low viscosity materials have a greater influence on viscosity than high viscosity materials.

Substrates can also have an influence on the viscosity of the production material. For example, the substrate used may have a high melt index. This can shift the plasticizing process point and influence the viscosity of the production material.

Another important aspect of the WPC profile extrusion system is the die. These dies can be simple or complex depending on the desired profile. Usually, a die has an internal water cooling system. This helps maintain an even temperature of the die relative to the hot profiles. For hollow profile parts, air-cooling may be used.

Wood plastic composites are available in grays, earth tones, and a variety of colors. These products are often used in building materials. Wood plastic composites also have a high half life. In addition, they can be bent to create arching curves.

WPC extrusion machine manufacturers

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WPC extrusion machine manufacturers
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