Tyre strip cutting machine

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Tyre strip cutting machine

Our Tyre strip cutting machine is mainly used to cut the tire sidewall, and the obtained sidewall and tread are cut into 25~50mm wide rubber strips.
This Tyre strip cutting machine has a set of two round blades, and the production capacity is about 800~1000 kg per hour. The motor we use is a motor that is more consiste

Tyre strip cutting machine

Tyre strip cutting machine

An automatic tyre-cutting apparatus  may include a ram assembly whose cylinder is driven by a motor, a hydraulic system, and a slide block containing a reciprocal cutter. The machine may include an indexing mechanism, a one way clutch, and a slide rod whose function is to disengage the cutter from the cutting die. The machine may also include a number of different punches. The cutting machine of the present invention may also include a safety switch that deactivates the ram assembly when a tire is placed on the machine.

The cutting machine of the present invention is a small, but efficient machine that is easy to operate. It can cut a number of different tyres, including fiber tyres and steel tyres. The machine may also cut other rubber materials.

Tire cutting machine factory list
Using a tire strip cutting machine, rubber sheets can be cut to size. The machine is equipped with an HMI and servo motor for precise cutting. It has an output capacity of about 60 pieces per hour.

The machine is suitable for all types of rubber materials. It has sensors for checking the proper material feeding. The machine also has a precise digital scale for auto weighing. Its energy consumption is low and the power is controlled.

The machine has a cutting capacity of 9 to 16 tons per day. It can be used in various industries such as the rubber industry, tire industry, waste management, recycling and waste management industries. It meets the environmental requirements of the government and has no waste residue.

The machine is equipped with an automatic servo motor. It is suitable for cutting different types of rubber sheets such as rubber sheets, vulcanized rubber, molded rubber, thermoplastic rubber and silicone rubber sheets. The cutting length is about 25mm to 150mm. The cutting deviation is +- 0.06 mm. It is designed for ergonomic operation.

It is also equipped with automatic apexing system. The apexing system can be installed for wire, beads and rubber. It can also be fabricated for the purpose of custom equipment.

The machine has a special heat treatment for the blades, which is durable and long-lasting. The blades are made of an alloy structural steel. It has a low-speed operation and uses no polluted water.

The cutting machine can be used to cut rubber blocks of 40 to 60mm in size. It can cut rubber blocks, beads and tread into pieces. It can handle both thin and thick material.

The machine can be operated manually or fully automatic. The machine can also be designed to perform automatic apexing, bead placing, bead winding and wrapping. It can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The rubber sheet feeding belt is PVC driven and allows for smooth feeding of multiple stripes. The belt can be removed by U.S. patent. It has stainless steel inlet and discharging areas.

The cutting process is performed on both sidewalls of the tire simultaneously. The guide rollers are used to restrict horizontal and vertical movements of the tire.

Tyre strip cutting machine

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Tyre strip cutting machine
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