Hydraulic Release Bearing

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings

15 years of deep cultivation in the central slave cylinder industry just for the continuous production of high-quality hydraulic release bearing.

Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings - Your Trusted Manufacturers

We are one of the leading suppliers of Hydraulic Throw out Bearings, and we can help you to select hydraulic release bearings of the quality you want.

Our hydraulic release bearing is mainly used to control the combination of clutches in manual transmissions. It has many obvious advantages, including its durability, flexibility and adjustability. It will greatly improve the efficiency of your car.

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings - Your Leading Manufacturers in China

Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Hydraulic Release Bearing is also called concentric slave cylinder and hydraulic clutch release bearings.

Pneumatic Release Bearing

Pneumatic Release Bearing is a air clutch bearing.It's different with hydraulic throwout bearing.

Clutch Release Bearing

As clutch release bearing manufacturer,we could provide you good quality cluth throwout bearing.

Clutch Disc

Clutch discs also named clutch pressure plate.Orient supply clutch plate cover assembly.

Clutch Cover

Orient is a clutch plate cover assembly supplier,clutch cover is our main clutch products.

Belt Tensioner Pulley

timing belt tensioner and idler tensioner pulley are Orient's main products.Pls inqury us now.

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings - Your Advanced Manufacturers in China

Hydraulic throw out bearings, also known as hydraulic clutch release bearings,

It is a bearing used in manual transmission vehicles. The main goal of this bearing is to promote the clutch separation, so that the driver can shift smoothly when using the car.


Hydraulic Throw out Bearings

Here, we will talk about the advantages of hydraulic release bearing in detail.Including the comparison with the traditional runout bearing, its advantages are obvious.

One of the most important advantages of the hydraulic release bearing is that it can provide a relatively stable and consistent clutch separation.

This is because the hydraulic bearing| Hydraulic Throw out Bearings uses pressurized liquid to transmit the force required to release the clutch, so it does not rely on the mechanical lever.This makes the clutch feel more stable and consistent, because the force required to disengage the clutch changes less.

Another advantage of the hydraulic release bearing is that it has the ability of self adjustment. The force required to release the clutch may change dramatically with the wear of the clutch and the passage of time.

For the mechanical release bearing, this may cause the clutch to be too loose or too tight, which will lead to very difficult shifting. However, the hydraulic release bearing can better avoid these problems.

The hydraulic release bearing is usually easier to install and maintain than the mechanical runout bearing.

Of course, its performance advantages in use are particularly prominent, because it does not require frequent adjustment or lubrication, and there is no mechanical bearing, which is particularly easy to wear. These problems basically do not exist. In the case of hydraulic release bearing, this may reduce your maintenance costs in the vehicle instructions.

Of course, a potential disadvantage of hydraulic release bearing is that it may be more expensive than mechanical bearing in terms of price.

However, in the long run, hydraulic release bearing has a longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

Therefore, when you comprehensively evaluate its advantages and disadvantages, we recommend you to use hydraulic release bearing. Of course, some drivers may prefer mechanical runout bearing, Because they are more traditional, they prefer some traditional feelings.

However, the advantages of hydraulic release bearings over mechanical bearings are more clear. Ah, many, including smooth and consistent clutches, self-adjusting ability, low maintenance cost and better service life.

Although the initial cost may be relatively high, the longer service life and lower maintenance cost can reduce some of your overall costs.

 You can email us more about the advantages of hydraulic release bearings and their performance advantages. We are willing to share more with you. We can give you some help in the use process.

So no matter from the durability of the hydraulic release bearing to its wear resistance, it means that you can use this component continuously for a longer time, and then you will replace it with fewer times, which can save a lot of time and money for the driver to maintain, and reduce the risk of accidental failure.

Of course, simple operation is also an advantage of hydraulic release bearing. It does not need to push the bearing physically to release the bearing and clutch, which can make driving manual transmission vehicles easier and more comfortable, especially for those who are difficult to exert physical force on the clutch pedal.

From the perspective of the whole structure nearby, it is sealed, without any exposed moving parts, so it is not easy to be polluted and worn, which can reduce the cost of time and money for maintenance without frequent lubrication or adjustment.

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings

Hydraulic Throw out Bearings
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