What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing ? If you’re looking for a hydraulic throwout bearing,

In that case, you’ve stumbled into the correct webpage. Detailed explanations of theiroperation, the various types and sizes, and the necessary air gap ar e provided below.

Perhaps you’re also curious about the best way to install one in your home. In this article, we’ll provide solutions to the most common problems and advice.

Uncertainty about the outcome is more daunting than the task at hand.

What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Function | What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing?

There are several methods for replacing the hydraulic throwout bearing in your car.

The Orient Hydraulic Throwout Bearing is a popular and dependable upgrade for this part.

This component forces the throwout bearing into the center of the diaphragm spring.

A series of pins on this spring pull the pressure plate away from the clutch disc.

When the release bearing is replaced, the clutch pedal will push the throwout bearing back into place.

A faulty hydraulic throwout bearing will cause your car to shift unevenly and can lead to the failure of other clutch and transmission components.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

A bad throwout bearing will also cause the clutch pedal to make strange noises in addition to affecting shifting.

If you suspect your vehicle has a faulty throwout bearing, you can easily replace it during routine maintenance.

The clutch system is powered by a hydraulic throwout bearing.

When you depress the clutch pedal, it moves towards the flywheel and pushes the release fingers against the spring force.

Hydraulic throwout bearings are defined.

To replace your hydraulic throwout bearing, you must disassemble the clutch assembly.

After you’ve removed it, you should remove the throwout shaft spring pin and the carrier.

Check that the system has enough lubrication.

The cost of replacement ranges from $30 to $100.

If you have damaged the transmission, the price may be higher.

If you want to set up your very own hydraulic throwout bearing, you may want to think about acquiring an Orient Clutch kit.

Hydraulic throwout bearings; definitions and categories.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Your clutch could be having issues because of the type of hydraulic throwout bearing you have.

This type of bearing, also known as a hydraulic release bearing, is used with push-type clutches.

These bearings have fewer components than standard clutches, such as mechanical linkages and external slave cylinders.

These fit most standard equipment (OE) clutches and certain racing clutches with smaller diameters.

Throwout bearings are typically small in manual transmissions.

Its purpose is to assist the clutch in engaging and disengaging.

It is a doughnut-shaped bearing that is installed within the pressure plate, clutch disc, and bell housing.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

The throwout bearing is not movable, but its base is, and it must be pushed by hand to disengage.

The friction disc engages and disengages the clutch.

Dimensions | Definition of a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Hydraulic throwout bearings come in a variety of sizes, and you may need to select one based on the needs of your vehicle.

For example, if you drive a Jeep, you may require a larger one than the stock Jeep provides.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

The hydraulic throwout bearing should be larger than the master cylinder’s diameter.

A hydraulic throwout bearing is an alternative for heavier trucks.

It comes with large O-rings and back-rings.

clutches require floating hydraulic throwout bearings.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

They are also available with a button clutch and a flexplate.

They have enough connections to make a supply line.

Before installing a hydraulic throwout bearing, consult a technical article.

It is not difficult to set up.

If you are unfamiliar with the installation process, you can learn more about it by contacting a distributor.

There must be an air gap.

There are two methods for adjusting the air gap in hydraulic throwout bearings.

If you use the latter, you’ll need to adjust the air gap somewhere else in the linkage.

Typically, the guiding collar is used to install the hydraulic release bearing on the mounting flange of the bell housing.

However, in many cases, you’ll need to adjust the air gap somewhere else.

This is usually done at the pivot point.

The bell-to-block distance is the starting point for calculating the air gap.

A straightedge is useful for this.

Make sure to measure the distance between the clutch fingers and the block.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Once you have this measurement, mount the bearing to the transmission and check for levelness.

After installing the bearing, it is critical to check the gap and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If it is too small or too large, the clutch may slip and the bearing will fail prematurely.


You should think about getting a high-quality hydraulic throwout bearing to replace the original factory bearing retainer.

Orient Series hydraulic throwout bearing is made of hard-anodized billet aluminum and is designed for bolt-on applications.

Each bearing comes with premium elbow swivel fittings and high-pressure stainless steel braided lines.

You can expect to pay more for a higher quality hydraulic throwout bearing, but the cost is well worth the high quality and durability.

There are numerous designs of hydraulic throwout bearings.

They are bolt-on, simple to install, and feature premium elbow swivel fittings for a tunable clutch release and quick replacement.

The price of a hydraulic throwout bearing varies depending on the type.

The more expensive models may necessitate the services of a professional mechanic.

The labor involved in replacing a hydraulic throwout bearing can range between $150 and $450.

To save money, many professionals recommend replacing multiple parts at the same time.

However, the installation process can be time-consuming and costly, so it’s best to hire a professional.

You might be better off replacing all of the components at once.


If your clutch is slipping and you need a replacement hydraulic throwout bearing, you can find one on the internet.

Hydraulic release bearings, also known as hydraulic throwout bearings, offer a great deal of flexibility in clutch system configuration.

When compared to the factory hydraulic system, these bearings have full adjustability and durability.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

They will fit most four- and five-speed transmissions, and universal bearing kits are available.

These kits include the bearing and mounting hardware, but not the master cylinder.

Orient provides a selection of replacement hydraulic throwout bearings.

The clutch bearings and clutch parts offered by this company are designed to be direct OEM replacements for a wide range of OEM models.

They also sell a variety of pistons in various lengths.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

After you’ve replaced your hydraulic throwout bearing, you should inspect your clutch’s pressure plate and clutch seals.

Because these parts are frequently damaged or faulty, the seals on the pressure plate and clutch ball studs should also be replaced.

Locate and remove the input shaft bearing retainer before replacing the throwout bearing.

Then, remove the throwout bearing assembly from the transmission bell housing.

Unscrew the two 10mm bolts that are holding the throwout bearing in place.

Disconnect the clutch forks and pull the bearing out.What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

If the throwout bearing becomes dry, it will seize, making it difficult to depress the clutch pedal.

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What is a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

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