Upvc arch bending machine

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Upvc arch bending machine

Upvc arch bending machine:The biggest advantage of our Upvc arch bending machine is that it is particularly easy to install and operate. When you produce , we will provide a series of training so that you can better control the machine. If you want to produce high-quality products in the market, it is a correct choice

Upvc arch bending machine

Upvc arch bending machine

UPVC Arch Bending Machine

UPVC Arch bending machine is one of the most widely used tools in the building industry. It can be used to form UPVC windows and doors. The main benefits of a upvc arch bending machine are that it has the ability to bend the UPVC with great precision. Moreover, it is quite easy to operate.

Cost of a upvc arch bending machine
Choosing the best upvc arch bending machine may seem like a daunting task, but the right machine can make your life easier. To make the right choice, you need to consider a few important factors, such as your budget and the profile you are bending. A good machine will have the following features:

The most important component is a bending table that can be customised to the section of your PVC profile. The table is made from aluminum and comes with several features, including a compass, measuring tape and opening covers. It can bend diameters up to 1800mm. It also comes with an 18-clamp bending device and a flexible mould that is made from composite materials. The machine is a great addition to your shop floor, and has a long lifespan. The only drawback is the maintenance cost.

In order to get the best results, you must ensure that the bending table is in good condition. You may also want to consider a high-quality heating chamber. This will allow your PVC profile to heat up in no time. If you are bending 6 or more meters of length, then a heating chamber with a large diameter is your best bet.

The other important component is an electrical heating unit. The machine uses a high-efficiency infrared heater that is capable of maintaining a consistent 122 degree temperature. The best part is that this heating unit is separate from the bending unit. The machine will heat your profile in under 10 minutes. The heat can be achieved using the aforementioned oil-heating method, but this is a less efficient option.

In the end, a PVC profile bending machine is a must-have for your shop floor. It can be used to make all kinds of PVC window and door profiles, and has some neat features that will make the process smooth and quick.

uPVC profile bending machine is used to bend various kinds of UPVC profiles, such as arch windows and door frames. It has simple structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for pvc window and door fabricating enterprises. It can be customized according to the section of PVC profiles. It is very suitable for uPVC arch windows, curved window frames and door frames.

A professional arch window profile processor is made of worktable, bending table, heating groove, and heating chamber. The worktable is made of oil-heating groove, and it has high efficiency and reliable operation. The heating chamber is made of 6 frames clamps and compass. It has high efficiency infrared heaters and can improve the cycle time. It has opening covers, and can work with 6-6,5m lengths. It has different filling belts, and can process different specifications profiles. It is also equipped with imported computer control system, which can process different kinds of shapes. The imported computer control system can make bending operation more convenient.

There are two types of heating system, which are electrical heating system and oil heating system. Electrical heating system is more efficient than oil-heating system. It is more clean. It has higher precision, and the heating time is shorter than oil-heating system. The electrical heating system is more suitable for processing large cross-section profiles. It can also avoid collision accidents. Its driving torque is high and can withstand large tensile forces. It is an ideal equipment for mass batch production of various profiles. It is also an organic mechanical equipment.

In uPVC profile bending process, it is necessary to soften the profile. Then it is heated to the required temperature. After the profile is heated, the UPVC profile is curved around the jig. The shape of the profile is determined according to the shape drawing. After curved, it can be filled with nylon formers to keep the shape of curved profile. This process is called shape-making. After the profile is bent, it can be softened in the heating groove. The bending radius of the UPVC profile is limited within 700mm to 1800mm. The radius is also adjustable, according to the radius of the PVC profile arch shape drawing. After the radius is adjusted, the profile can be bent. It requires years of learning to be proficient at this bending process.

After the curved UPVC profile is bent, the nylon formers heat up. Then it is pulled into the fixed slider track. It is heated for 18 minutes at 130deg c. Then it waits for the temperature to reduce. Then the profile is softened and then bent to the desired shape.

Upvc arch bending machine

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Upvc arch bending machine
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