large tapered roller bearings

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large tapered roller bearings

The large diameter tapered roller bearing we provide is a kind of product with special treatment. We can provide OEM and ODM services to conduct full inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that the quality of the product you mentioned fully meets your needs. We have the ISO 9000 certification and TS16949 certi

large tapered roller bearings

Single Row Taper Roller Bearing

single roller bearing is specially produced for the combination load. It can play a better role in the radial and axial direction.

Four Row Taper Roller Bearings

4 Row taper roller bearings are mainly used in rolling mills.

Double Row Taper Roller Bearing

Double row roller bearings are mainly used in gear boxes, mining equipment, lifting equipment, etc.

Turning Taper Roller Bearing

In addition to providing FINISH BEARING, we also provide turning and grinding bearing. We are the source factory.


We provide a variety of inch and metric tapered roller bearings for different size.


We provide a variety of inch tapered roller bearings for different size.

large tapered roller bearings

Our large tapered roller bearings are mainly used in mining, steel manufacturing and forestry. These applications have strict requirements for design. Our tapered roller bearings are guided by the contact between the big ends of the rollers, providing high capacity for radial and single thrust.

Large tapered roller bearings are designed to have inner ring ,outer rings, which are raceways to and formed by rollers. The imaginary cone, while the inner ring is also an important component.

These bearings can withstand radial and axial loads in one direction.

The large tapered roller bearings  produced by us can meet the requirements of various precision applications in two sizes, layered sound quality and wages. Our design is mainly to help you achieve excellent precision requirements and control.

Tapered Roller Bearing
large tapered roller bearings

Taper Roller Bearing

large tapered roller bearings

Large tapered roller bearings are a form of bearing that, in contrast to other bearing types, can withstand exceptionally high rolling loads, powerful shocks, and high temperatures. They can also withstand the intrusion of water, dirt, and scale.

A circumferentially continuous cutout groove is included in the tapered inner side surface of a tapered roller bearing. Additionally, the groove is joined to the flange’s exterior end surface.

This design aids in preserving the symmetric running behavior in cages.

In many different industries, work rolls are supported by a form of rolling element bearing called a tapered roller bearing. Back-up rolls are a common application in steel mills.
large tapered roller bearings
There are many different sizes and designs available for tapered roller bearings.

The type of application determines the bearing’s size and design. There are some bearings made with tapped holes. Several tools can be used to lift large bearings. To prevent the bearings from being harmed, they are often housed in pallets.

To increase the lifespan of bearings, maintenance and cleaning are required.

Tapered roller bearings can operate smoothly at high speed, while long-lived bearings can exceed the speed in general.

They basically have no speed limit and generate less heat. However, tapered roller bearings have less vibration and noise, which is also the advantage of tapered roller bearings. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate bearing according to your actual needs to answer this question.

First of all, as for the components of tapered roller bearing, it includes an inner ring, an outer ring and several tapered rollers. At the same time, it also includes a cage.

From a separate perspective, the bearing, the inner ring and the outer ring are all tapered, just like a cone. One of the outstanding advantages of tapered roller bearing is that it can withstand heavy axial and radial loads.

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Our tapered roller bearings are mainly tapered, which are composed of inner ring and outer ring, rollers and cages. This bearing structure can be said to have provide low friction during operation, At the same time, our products can stand the vibration test. We can customize according to the requirements of customers and specific conditions such as speed, temperature and vibration. Our tapered roller bearing solutions for applications that require improved performance, reduced friction, and increased power density.

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large tapered roller bearings
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