Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae

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Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae

Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae : As an important vehicle component of the transmission system, the hydraulic release bearing can make the power transfer from the engine to the wheel smoothly, and ensure that our car runs and moves in a safe and reliable state. Here we will mainly tell you about the hydraulic release bearing we provide.

A component of the clutch system in hydraulic form, especially in manual transmission vehicles, our clutch is mainly responsible for connecting or disconnecting the engine to the transmission, to be able to achieve the goal of shifting gears, and to control a speed of the vehicle to travel.

Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae

Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae

Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Hydraulic Release Bearing is also called concentric slave cylinder and hydraulic clutch release bearings.

Pneumatic Release Bearing

Pneumatic Release Bearing is a air clutch bearing.It's different with hydraulic throwout bearing.

Clutch Release Bearing

As clutch release bearing manufacturer,we could provide you good quality cluth throwout bearing.

Hydraulic Release Bearing vs Slvae

It is very obvious that the advantage of hydraulic release bearing is much more obvious than that of conventional release bearing.

No matter what level the driver’s driving level is, we can provide a stable and reliable bearing to drive the whole clutch in the form of hydraulic pressure.  

Because we all know that using hydraulic pressure to drive the clutch can not be easily affected by pedal pressure or clutch wear. Often, the early failure of the clutch is due to the clutch mode.

Of course,Strong durability is also an advantage of hydraulic release bearing.At the same time, it can greatly reduce your maintenance costs.

It has achieved less friction and wear, so it can extend the service life of the clutch.

From the perspective of working principle, the hydraulic release bearing drives the piston through hydraulic pressure, and the pressure exerted by the clutch release fork of the piston team is generated by the main light and pressed by the driver.

Of course, we also know that the traditional mechanical release bearing uses a fork and a bearing sliding on the sleeve to release the clutch.

However, the working mode of the hydraulic release bearing is completely different. It is composed of a piston, a hydraulic cylinder and a bearing.

The piston is connected with the clutch pedal, and when the pedal is pressed.

The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder will exert a certain pressure on the bearing, which in turn will release the clutch.

When the pedal is released, it will also be released, resulting in the combination with the clutch.

We are willing to answer all the information about the hydraulic release bearing, whether it is the price or the technical requirements of the product itself, our engineering department will truthfully reply to you.

For all the information you need, please contact us now to obtain the price, product and technical data you want.

Our technical department can also adjust the structure of our products according to the needs of users, because our engineers can adjust the internal structure of the hydraulic release bearing.

We will provide you with our drawings or samples for you to test, and greatly save your purchase time, hydraulic pump bearing, and help you save your purchase cost.


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