Double row tapered roller bearing

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Double row tapered roller bearing

Double row tapered roller bearings are mainly used in heavy gear boxes and various industrial configurations, such as mining machinery. Our design attributes are mainly double cup and two single cones. They are mainly composed of four parts, namely, outer ring and inner ring, cage and roller. Besides, high-grade lubric

Double row tapered roller bearing

Single Row Taper Roller Bearing

single roller bearing is specially produced for the combination load. It can play a better role in the radial and axial direction.

Four Row Taper Roller Bearings

4 Row taper roller bearings are mainly used in rolling mills.

Double Row Taper Roller Bearing

Double row roller bearings are mainly used in gear boxes, mining equipment, lifting equipment, etc.

Turning Taper Roller Bearing

In addition to providing FINISH BEARING, we also provide turning and grinding bearing. We are the source factory.


We provide a variety of inch and metric tapered roller bearings for different size.


We provide a variety of inch tapered roller bearings for different size.

Double row tapered roller bearing

Double row tapered roller bearing

Our taper roller bearings are mainly used in mining, steel manufacturing and forestry. These applications have strict requirements for design. Our tapered roller bearings are guided by the contact between the big ends of the rollers, providing high capacity for radial and single thrust.

Taper roller bearings are designed to have inner ring ,outer rings, which are raceways to and formed by rollers. The imaginary cone, while the inner ring is also an important component.

These bearings can withstand radial and axial loads in one direction.

Double row tapered roller bearing

The taper roller bearings produced by us can meet the requirements of various precision applications in two sizes, layered sound quality and wages. Our design is mainly to help you achieve excellent precision requirements and control.

Tapered Roller Bearing
Double row tapered roller bearing

Taper Roller Bearing

Double row tapered roller bearing A double row tapered roller bearing will work well in any application, including heavy machinery, trains, automobiles, or the aerospace industry. This is due to the fact that they are built to be strong and long-lasting. Additionally, the tapered structure aids in boosting the friction torque, making them extremely effective for moving big things. Standard applications: Double row tapered roller bearing In general, tapered roller bearings are utilized in applications with heavy axial and radial loads. Applications requiring medium to high speeds can also benefit from using this kind of bearing. They do, however, need a large load capacity, which is constrained by the quantity of rollers. Only 60% of a double-row bearing’s capacity can be accommodated by a single-row tapered roller bearing. A double-row tapered roller bearing has the capacity to support both thrust and radial stresses. Double-row bearings not only offer a greater capacity but also superior overall performance. They are, however, quite prone to misalignment. A variety of issues need to be looked into in order to determine the accuracy of a double-row tapered roller bearing. One of the most significant problems with double-row tapered roller bearings is angular misalignment. The poor mounting and machining of the bearings are the root causes of this angular misalignment. Bearing deflection may result in angular misalignment in addition to the machining mistake. Double-row tapered roller bearings have been the subject of some researchers’ investigation. Angle misalignment isn’t frequently thought of as an issue of interest, though. Double row tapered roller bearing On the other hand, this angular misalignment has a big impact on how well double-row tapered roller bearings work. For instance, the bearing’s capacity to handle dynamic loads is diminished if the bearings are two degrees out of alignment. Furthermore, this misalignment may result in strong vibrations. Pin cages and polymer cages are the two most popular forms of bearing cages. These cages consist of a ring that has several pins around its perimeter. The most popular kind of tapered bearing uses them. However, other cages are also employed, such as those made of non-ferrous metal. Additionally typical for tapered roller bearings is a unitized arrangement. This kind of bearing assembly is put together inside the bearing housing’s flange and pivots in relation to the fixed bearing housing. The ball and socket joint and this arrangement are similar in design. These bearings do, however, have a robust casing composed of carbon or an alloy. These materials are utilized to make sure that the hard case and sturdy core are combined in the right way. Double row tapered roller bearing In this study, two representative load scenarios are used to examine the time-varying stiffness matrix of a double row tapered bearing. A novel method is used to investigate the impact of angular misalignment. It is discovered that, at the lowest preload value, the ideal angular misalignment is greater than 1.5 times the system life. Additionally, the stiffness matrix is compared to published literature to confirm the proposed model’s validity. In the past, the analysis of bearing performance did not place much emphasis on angular misalignment. However, it significantly affects both the life of the bearing and the contact state. However, it was equally challenging to pinpoint the precise remedy. Double row tapered roller bearing Additionally, the impact of angular misalignment on the distribution of contact force is also examined. The contact force grows as the misalignment angle rises. It is discovered that the contact force’s radial and axial components have an impact on the resistance moment around the bearing’s center. Furthermore, the maximum contact load is more affected by the angular misalignment than by the external radial load. The consequences of an oscillating load are also examined in this study. Numerical simulations are used to examine how various loading factors affect radial stiffness.

Tapered roller bearings can operate smoothly at high speed, while long-lived bearings can exceed the speed in general. They basically have no speed limit and generate less heat. However, tapered roller bearings have less vibration and noise, which is also the advantage of tapered roller bearings. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate bearing according to your actual needs to answer this question.

First of all, as for the components of tapered roller bearing, it includes an inner ring, an outer ring and several tapered rollers. At the same time, it also includes a cage. From a separate perspective, the bearing, the inner ring and the outer ring are all tapered, just like a cone. One of the outstanding advantages of tapered roller bearing is that it can withstand heavy axial and radial loads.

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Our tapered roller bearings are mainly tapered, which are composed of inner ring and outer ring, rollers and cages. This bearing structure can be said to have provide low friction during operation, At the same time, our products can stand the vibration test. We can customize according to the requirements of customers and specific conditions such as speed, temperature and vibration. Our tapered roller bearing solutions for applications that require improved performance, reduced friction, and increased power density.

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Double row tapered roller bearing
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